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NSF-Sponsored Research Project Website - Gene Networks in Seed Development

Our National Science Foundation (NSF) Plant Genome Program funded research projects are a collaboration between the Goldberg and Pellegrini laboratories at UCLA, Harada laboratory at UC Davis. This website provides the detailed information about our research projects: transcriptome studies, methylome studies, and Regulatory Networks Studies. All datasets are submitted to NCBI GenBank and also listed in this website. All transcriptome data have been deposited on the interactive Database built in this website. This database contains analysis tools that allows users to browse the database by gene identification, gene ontology, and gene function, as well as compare gene activity in different seed regions during development.

The Phaseolus coccineus Embryo Regions EST Database (PcEST)

The Phaseolus coccineus EST database contains EST sequence obtained from suspensor and embryo proper regions of the globular-stage embryos. To date, we have sequenced a total of 16,810 suspensor and 3,311 embryo-proper cDNAs. These ESTs have been categorized into different functional groups based on the results of BLAST searches and organized into an EST relational database. This site is open to the scientific community in order to examine mRNAs found in the suspensor and embryo proper of the globular-stage embryos.  In addition, you can identify orthologs to your DNA sequence(s) by performing BLASTN and/or TBLASTX searches against our EST database.  Access is available to the public.

The Goldberg Lab Web-Based Lab Notebook (Webbook)
(password required)

A web-based lab notebook, designed to consolidate experiments, projects, stocks, etc. into one central location. Protocols are conveniently located and sorted by sections (e.g. DNA, RNA, microscopy, tissue culture.)  Lab stocks (i.e. DNA, RNA, primers, seeds) are organized and easy to maintain (a built-in counter can send out warning signals when stocks are low.)  For more information about the webbook, please email Min Chen (

Lab Movies

History's Harvest: Where Food Came From
Clips from the movie History's Harvest: Where Food Came From
Made possible by the American Society of Plant Biologists

Seed Development Movie
A short film illustrating the process of seed development
Created by Brandon Le and Dr. Goldberg

LCM Arabidopsis Demonstration
Laser Capture Microdissection of Arabidopsis Globular-Stage Seed
Created by Dr. Mark Belmont
in the Harada Lab at UC Davis

LCM Soybean Demonstration
Laser Capture Microdissection of Embryo Proper and Suspensor
in Soybean Globular-Stage Seed
Created by Goldberg Lab

HHMI Movie Project
A movie project overview of Dr. Goldberg's teaching program while supported by HHMI
Created by Greta Nelson and Dr. Goldberg