The Goldberg Lab Web-Based Lab Notebook (Webbook)
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A web-based lab notebook, designed to consolidate experiments, projects, stocks, etc. into one central location. Protocols are conveniently located and sorted by sections (e.g. DNA, RNA, microscopy, tissue culture.)  Lab stocks (i.e. DNA, RNA, primers, seeds) are organized and easy to maintain (a built-in counter can send out warning signals when stocks are low.)  For more information about the webbook, please email Brandon Le (

Gene Networks in Seed Development (Seed)

A database that can be used by the scientific community to search for the expression profile of any gene in different soybean seed compartments at different stages of development. Individual seed compartment were isolated using laser capture microdissection and RNAs were hybridized to Affymetrix GeneChips. Access is available to the public.

The Phaseolus coccineus Embryo Regions EST Database (PcEST)

The Phaseolus coccineus EST database contains EST sequence obtained from suspensor and embryo proper regions of the globular-stage embryos. To date, we have sequenced a total of 16,810 suspensor and 3,311 embryo-proper cDNAs. These ESTs have been categorized into different functional groups based on the results of BLAST searches and organized into an EST relational database. This site is open to the scientific community in order to examine mRNAs found in the suspensor and embryo proper of the globular-stage embryos.  In addition, you can identify orthologs to your DNA sequence(s) by performing BLASTN and/or TBLASTX searches against our EST database.  Access is available to the public.


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