DNA Extraction from Mouse Tail Biopsies - Phenol/Chloroform Method <PDF>

DNA Extraction from Mouse Tail Biopsies - Ammonium Acetate Method <PDF>

In vivo

Cleared Skeletal Preparations <LINK>

beta-galactosidase staining of whole embryos <PDF>

Paraffin-embedding of cartilaginous tissues <PDF>

Alcian blue/nuclear fast red staining of Paraffin Sections <PDF>

Hematoxylin and Eosin staining of Paraffin Sections <PDF>

Safranin-O staining of cartilage <PDF>

TRAP staining of Paraffin Sections <PDF>

General protocol for immunostaining of Paraffin Sections <PDF>

Immunostaining of Paraffin Sections with tyramide amplification <PDF>

In vitro

Isolation of mouse primary sternal chondrocytes <PDF>

Isolation of mouse primary calvarial osteoblasts <PDF>

Isolation of mouse primary preadipocytes <PDF>

Isolation of mouse embryonic fibroblasts <PDF>

Limb bud micromass cultures <PDF>

Alcian blue staining of limb bud micromass cultures <PDF>

Oil red O staining of adipocytes <PDF>

Isolation of protein lystates from isolated primary chondrocytes <PDF>

SDS-PAGE Western Blot <PDF>

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