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New Video About Bob Goldberg's Classes

Take a moment to check out this fun new video about Dr. Goldberg's HC70A and HC70AL courses at UCLA!

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Biotechnology Cluster Guest Lecture

Presentation by Dr. Bob Goldberg

What do GMOs mean for the world today, tomorrow, and in the future? Dr. Goldberg's guest lecture for Dr. Rensel's Biotechnology Cluster course examines this topic.

New Plant Knockout and Genomics Lab Manual For Undergraduates Available

HC70AL, Gene Discovery Laboratory, is a novel laboratory taught by Professor Bob Goldberg that is designed to teach entering life sciences students and non-science majors at all levels the excitement of discovery. In this laboratory, each student identifies an Arabidopsis transcription factor gene active in specific seed compartments, and uses a variety technologies to determine what effect, if any, knocking out these genes has on seed development. An HC70AL, Gene Discovery Laboratory Manual is organized into a 10-week series of gene discovery experiments designed for students with no previous laboratory experience. A pdf file containing the entire Spring 2011 HC70AL laboratory manual can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. If you use this laboratory manual, we would appreciate that you cite Professor Bob Goldberg, Dr. Kelli Henry, Dr. Anhthu Bui, Dr. Brandon Le, and other members of our laboratory who contributed to putting the laboratory manual together. In addition, we would appreciate it if you would send an email to Professor Bob Goldberg (bobg@ucla.edu) and outline for what course the manual is being used.

Plant Knockout and Genomics Lab Manual for Undergraduates

BOB GOLDBERG'S HC70A: Genetic Engineering in Medicine, Agriculture, and Law GOES LONG-DISTANCE AGAIN!

Since 2009, HC70A has been taught simultaneously to students at both UCLA and UC Davis by using videoconferencing software to link campuses together over the internet. In 2011, students at Tuskegee University began participating in HC70A lectures and discussions carried out in real time via the software that allows simultaneous video and audio interactions among Bob Goldberg and his students on all three campuses. UCLA, UC Davis, and Tuskegee students interact with one another during the lectures. In addition, UC Davis students and Tuskegee students visited UCLA for two days and participated the lecture and discussion session during the quarter.

Bob Goldberg's HC70A UCLA - UC Davis long distance learning class syllabus

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UCLA NEWSROOM: The World's A Classroom? Thanks to Technology, It Can Be

March 19, 2009 - Professor Robert B. Goldberg told UCLA Newsroom reporter, "There is the potential to bring people from different parts of the globe together in a global village of education. What an amazing experience for the students! Imagine the cultural differences. We can give students experiences that they would never have." His class, HC70A (Genetic Engineering in Medicine, Agriculture, and Law), is a really good model for interactive higher education teaching.

NSF's reporting of the story

UCLA NEWSROOM: The World's A Classroom? Thanks to Technology, It Can Be

This program contains two courses: HC70A and HC70AL, which specifically targets non-science majors and teaches them about science.

HC70A: Genetic Engineering in Medicine, Agriculture, and Law

HC70A course introduces scientific concepts in a classroom setting, through lectures, articles and in class demonstrations. Students learn the foundations of molecular biology, and discuss the ethical, legal, and social implications that result from emerging genomic technologies.

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HC70AL: Gene Discovery Laboratory

HC70AL course invites students from the HC70A course to apply the state-of-the-art genomics techniques learned in the class to a real life experience. The Gene Discovery Laboratory teaches students who have never worked in a laboratory how to carry out an original research project, analyze data critically, and communicate results to their peers.

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Planting the Seeds of Discovery

As an HHMI Professor, Dr. Bob Goldberg plans to design and teach a course that will show students who are not science majors the numerous ways science has an impact on society, for example, the social, legal and ethical issues that arise from emerging new genetic technologies.

Background on Howard Hughes Medical Institute's Million-Dollar Professors

What would you do with a million dollars? Twenty scientists at research universities across the nation have 20 different answers. They all share a goal, however: to make science more engaging for undergraduates. Read more