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Arabidopsis CCA1 protein

Sugano, S., Andronis, C., Ong, M.S., Green, R.M., and Tobin, E.M. (1999) The protein kinase CK2 is involved in regulation of circadian rhythms in Arabidopsis Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 96: 12362-12366

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Arabidopsis Lhcb (CAB) Gene Expression and signal transduction analyses

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Review Articles

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Lemna NPR Gene Expression and Abscisic Acid Regulation

Weatherwax, S.C., Williams, S.A., Tingay, S., and Tobin, E.M. (1998) The phytochrome response of the Lemna NPR1 gene is mediated primarily through changes in abscisic acid levels. Plant Physiol. 116: 1299-1305.

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Lemna Lhcb Gene Expression

Degenhardt, J. and Tobin, E.M. (1996) A DNA binding activity for one of two closely defined phytochrome regulatory elements in an Lhcb promoter is more abundant in etiolated than in green plants.Plant Cell 8:31-41.

Kehoe, D.M., Degenhardt, J., I., and Tobin, E.M. (1994) Two 10 bp regions are critical for phytochrome regulation of a Lemna gibba Lhcb gene promoter. Plant Cell 6:1123-1134.