Long Distance Learning

Bob Goldberg's teaching program is currently taught simultaneously to students at UCLA, and via Long Distance Learning at UC Davis and Tuskegee University. The HC70A lectures and class room discussions are carried out over a dedicated fiber optics cable using a state-of-the art classroom that allows simultaneous video and audio interactions between Bob Goldberg and his students in real-time between the classroom in UCLA and miles away at UC Davis and Tuskegee University. During the quarter, the UC Davis and Tuskegee students visited UCLA and joined Bob Goldberg's class for experiments and discussions. UCLA, UC Davis, and Tuskegee University students interacted with each other, working in groups and participating in joint discussions and all-class projects. Click on the picture to view clip or more pictures.


Our National Science Foundation (NSF) Plant Genome Program funded research projects are a collaboration between the Goldberg and Pellegrini laboratories at UCLA, Harada laboratory at UC Davis. This website provides the detailed information about our research projects: transcriptome studies, methylome studies, and Regulatory Networks Studies. All datasets are submitted to NCBI GenBank and also listed in this website. All transcriptome data have been deposited on the interactive Database built in this website. This database contains analysis tools that allows users to browse the database by gene identification, gene ontology, and gene function, as well as compare gene activity in different seed regions during development.

The HC70AL Gene Discovery Lab is also part of Bob Goldberg's NSF-sponsored long-distance learning program. Kyoto University students that completed HC70A came to visit UCLA for a quarter and teamed up with UCLA students in the laboratory using functional genomics to uncover genes required to make a seed.